Entrevista a Mike Rötgers en CAS Vitoria 2016

Short interview with me at #CAS2016 about my agile transformation talk.

Mike Rotgers - Story of an agile transformation en CAS Vitoria 2016

Back in the days I thought: Agile is just good marketing. A few tools, a bunch of buzzwords, what’s the big deal? In addition to that, I look at my past jobs as a software engineer and there was no Scrum, no Kanban, but it worked. Then I joined OptioPay, built up the IT department and for the first time it stopped working. We were growing as a company but I could feel things were going wrong, I could feel people being unhappy. But I did not possess the tools needed to fix it. As a consequence we brought in help from the outside and started an agile transformation in the beginning of 2016. I’d love to share our story. How we started, what steps we took when we moved to Scrum, the fears and doubts we had, the things we learned on the way, things that went completely wrong and of course all the amazing stuff that happened.

The Forest at TOA16

Startup Alley at TOA16